Dress Code

The dress code will be a combination of traditional golf apparel and accepted dress standards that vary with new styles. Members and guests are requested to use good judgment and common sense in their choice of dress. Additionally, it is at the pro shop staff’s discretion to determine if someone is dressed inappropriately.  Please reference the "Guidelines for Golf" page for more details.


All Members and Guests (six years and older): Collared shirts (traditional fold-down, raised crew neck, or mock turtleneck and sleeves), Golf Slacks or Bermuda-type (or tailored) shorts. Jeans and jean shorts are allowed.


Although there are slight differences between acceptable dress for men, women and children, the following apparel choices are unacceptable on the course, driving range and in the clubhouse.


Shorts/Pants: Gym shorts, cut-offs, short-shorts, bathing shorts. Also: sweatpants or any type of gym clothing. No overalls are allowed.


Shirts: Undershirts, muscle shirts, tank tops, tube tops, midriff shirts, football or athletic jerseys, and t-shirts.


Headwear: Any headwear decorated with obscenities or vulgarities. Hats are not to be worn in the dining room.


Shoes: Sandals (with the exception of those sold specifically for golf) and bare-feet are not acceptable on the course. Only appropriate smooth soled shoes or non-metal spikes are allowed.



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